And we’re having a…

Let’s face it, I am probably never going to give birth to a big baby.  No bruisers in this family.  No NBA or NFL hopefuls here.  We went in for our ultrasound this morning and BOY was it interesting.  We also had an appointment at Children’s for Reece to get a blood check.  It was a weird combo of appointments with equally odd outcomes.   

We were at the clinic bright and early for our ultrasound and all was going well until about three minutes into the appointment when the tech started questioning how far along we are.  Now, I should mention that since Reece’s birth ordeal, my pregnancies are considered “high risk”.  Britta was pretty closely monitored in utero and there were some concerns at the end, although nothing as critical as what we experienced with Reece.  She was born at 39 weeks; 6 lbs, 8 oz.  Both my kids have small heads (a big yahoo for me when we arrived at the “let’s start pushing” phase of labor and delivery), skinny waists, low weight, but fairly normal length.  That said, I was somewhat expecting to have small measurements during the ultrasound and fully expected our due date to shift back a few days. 

I sort of panicked when he told us he couldn’t do the measurements because we weren’t far enough along.  We are supposed to be at 18 weeks, 2 days.  The head is measuring two weeks behind, the legs are normal, and the abdomen is measuring about a week behind.  After explaining my history with pregnancies, he proceeded, which put me more at ease.  And I thought for sure we are having a BOY.  It turns out we’re having…a GIRL!!!  I’m shocked as I always thought I would have mostly boys, so having two girls was not in my line of sight.  I am excited that Britta will have a sister close in age!  Reece wanted another sister, so his wish was granted.  Although when I told him it is a girl he said, “Ok.  I guess I want a boy now.”  Kids.  Still, I was planning on doing the “boy thing” again, so I certainly will miss having another boy.  I know lots of women want girls, but having one of each is the best of both worlds.  You get the chance to experience the fun in having either gender.  Terry was stone-faced through the whole thing.  He claims that having daughters freaks him out; this is probably true since Britta can get away with just about anything.  She’s got him wrapped around her little finger at 21 months.  It is so fun to watch it happen.   

When I got home, my OB had already called to explain that while everything came back normal (including the baby’s size), the baby was on the low-end of the “normal range”.  Given my history, I am going back in later in the month to make sure things are progressing as they should.  I had a brief moment of panic and then came to the conclusion that I have no control over this and not enough strength to really give it my worry.  My mind wants to panic with the information, but my heart is calm.  So for all you prayer warriors out there–please lift up our new baby, that all progresses normally, and that she makes it into this world healthy and whole.  Thank-you!

My mom and I then took both my kids over to Children’s for Reece’s appointment.   I have been dreading this for the last week or so.  Children’s does its best to be a happy environment, but the types of conversations I have had there in the last two months, coupled with the sadness I feel when I see kids that are clearly sick sometimes brings me to a place my mind doesn’t want to go.  (By the way, most of the kids are happy when I see them there…or tired.  The kids have such resiliency to these things; I am picking up on that one quickly.  My sadness is not something that is given off by the kids and I need to get over my own feelings and focus on the joyful presence those kids have, despite the crummy stuff they are working through.) 

All went well with Reece’s appointment for the most part.  He had his blood drawn again.  Nothing has changed except his neutrophil (a type of white blood cell) count has dropped pretty low.  His neutrophils were slightly low a month ago, but still considered normal around 1500-1600.  They were at 350 today.  The doctor didn’t seem too concerned as Reece has been on antibiotics for the last week due to an ear infection.  He explained that under normal circumstances, the low neutrophil count would indicate an infection the body is fighting.  It is not likely it is indicating leukemia, but he still wants Reece to come back for a CBC in two weeks.  This is another prayer request–that Reece’s neutrophils recover; that the low count be only related to his ear infection.  Still, should they not recover, we will need to be careful over the holiday season in keeping him healthy as low neutrophils would make him susceptible to infections.  Since we are preparing for a January 3rd outpatient work-up date, we need Reece to be as healthy as possible this month.

I am chuckling that both Reece and I are being sent back in for remedial testing.  We are certainly being taught a lesson in how much control we really have over life circumstances.  I feel like we are being forced to be on autopilot and in some ways, there is an ability to relax when that is taking place.  One of my closest friends asked me tonight how I was doing, given the uncertainty of the our first appointment and then totally shifting gears to go back over to Children’s today.  I think she felt it must have been exhausting or overwhelming.  I think the whole thing doesn’t feel like my life.  It’s more like I am just viewing it as it passes by.  If we weren’t in such odd circumstances it would be much easier to get entangled in the worry and fear of any one moment.  Instead, the totality of the situation has almost canceled out many of those feelings in an effort of preservation.  Realistically, we had a pretty good day today.  The baby IS measuring normal and Reece’s blood overall looks pretty good.  Things could be much worse for us and I am encouraged that our baby seems by all accounts healthy and that Reece’s blood seems relatively unchanged.  I can only control what I focus on; that’s where my head is at right now.  Praise God that He’s putting my mind in that place, that I could spend a normal day with my kids and my mom, and for our new baby girl.



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8 responses to “And we’re having a…

  1. Christine Solis-Mendoza

    I started following your blog yesterday and your resilience and strength amazes me! You and your growing family are in my thoughts and prayers. May God continue to give you the strength and peace you need to come through this trying time.

    Additionally, your post yesterday stirred something inside of me to where I have sent off from the bone marrow kit to become a donor. Thank you for bringing awareness to this great gift we all have inside of us. Again I send my prayers and thoughts to heaven that Reese is able to have his surgery soon and that it is ssuccessful.

    • I love that you are getting on the donor registry, Christine! So cool. We will be doing the same thing once we get through the thick of things. Thanks for your prayers and support.

  2. Nikki Spicer

    Amazed at your strength to write of all of this – my hopes and thoughts are with you. Your strength will be with you!!!

    • Thanks, Nikki. Hope all is well with the Spicer clan. I know you all have been through a lot this year. I appreciate your encouragement! Best to you and your family.

  3. thanks for your willingness to share your journey with all of us, terri. i am thinking about you and keeping you and your precious family in my prayers… keep your head up and rest and keep breathing.


    ps. yay for girl #2. that is so fun! (coming from someone who never anticipated being a boy mom…) : )

  4. Catherine & Michael Benner

    Hi and Blessings to all of you from the Benners! Are you as amazed as I how we grow the best when we accept “being still” and waiting for God to answer and work? Why do we make it so hard for Him to give us the answers that He longs to provide? It blesses me to read of your peace in the midst of the waiting and turmoil of emotions. You all, even new Baby Girl Clapp (Terry will survive yet another lady in his midst!), are in our prayers. Love to you.

    • We are so amazed at God’s work and continue to try our best to lay our burdens on Him. It isn’t easy; it’s a daily, sometimes moment-by-moment choice. But that is what He wants us to do! Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season. Thanks for remembering us in your prayers.
      PS. We STILL need to catch up in person and would love to do so, despite all that is going on. Stay in touch. 🙂

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