51 Things I Hope I Never Do Again

1.) Sign any of my kids up for classes that I think they should enjoy.

2.) Allow anyone, including myself, to interrupt a conversation my child is having with me or others.

3.) Forget there is a bigger purpose in life.

4.) Feel inadequate when I look at our home, cars…material stuff…in comparison to others.  It doesn’t matter.

5.) Fret about small details.

6.) Stare at people.

7.) Be afraid to ask someone how they are doing because of my own insecurities.

8.) Fail to offer my help to someone because the help they need isn’t where I am gifted in serving.

9.) Assume that because of my own challenges, I therefore understand someone else’s.

10.) Forget how awesome a normal, “boring” day is.

11.) Judge anyone’s personal situation and how they choose to cope with it.

12.) Yell at my child.

13.) Forget the big picture.

14.) Say “no” to something my kids want to do because I feel I don’t have the energy to do it.

15.) Feel guilty or worried about what others will think.

16.) Ruminate about people’s opinions of me or my family.

17.) Ruminate about people’s judgment of my faith in God.

18.) Fail to mention my faith in God, where appropriate, out of fear of chastisement, loss of friendship, or judgment in general.

19.) Have anxiety about flying on a plane.

20.) Wish I had the house all to myself.

21.) Actually have the house all to myself.

22.) Work outside of our home in any capacity that doesn’t feel completely satisfying and in line with where I am called to be.

23.) Stop reading books.

24.) Forget what a gift parenting is, even in the most challenging times.

25.) Forget that my kids are really not my own; forget that I will answer not only to them, but to God in how I raise them.

26.) Underestimate the human body.

27.) Underestimate the will to survive.

28.) Underestimate God’s love.

29.) Think I know more about my life than God does.

30.) Over-apologize.

31.) Fight constructive criticism.

32.) Feel self-conscious about acting silly for my kids in public.

33.) Say negative things about my body and self-image, especially around my kids.

34.) Forget how wonderful my husband is and what a great dad he is to my kids.

35.) Question what lies in my path in life; it all means something.

36.) Take life for granted.

37.) Take health for granted.

38.)Forget that listening happens with my ears, not my mouth.

39.) Lose sight of how regular tasks in the home are learning opportunities for my kids when I am doing them.

40.) Forget to live my life in a way that honors my family or in a way that reflects who God made me to be.

41.) Wrestle with forgiveness.

42.) Expect perfection from myself and others.

43.) Have a need to come back to the U of MN, other than in a student capacity.

44.) Watch “The Real World”.

45.) Feel homesick.

46.) Waste my time comparing anything of mine to anything of anyone else’s.

47.) Pin my child down to take medicine.

48.) Wish for more “alone time”.

49.) Make any parenting decisions based on what other people are doing.

50.) Speak on behalf of someone unless legally obligated to or specifically requested by that person.

51.) Watch my child suffer.


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8 responses to “51 Things I Hope I Never Do Again

  1. Doug Baden

    God bless you, Terri. As you helped my family, we wish to be of help to you and yours. For now, feel the healing powers of soulful prayer and petition.

  2. Shara

    This is a great list, Terri. So many of these things resonate with me….thanks for the reminder. Hope Reece is getting stronger and feeling better each day. Continued prayers, Shara

  3. Barbi Odom

    Hey Terri, Barbi Odom here (spoke at MOPS) anyway, just wanting you to know I am praying for you! Praying for your sweet Reese and want you to know this list was powerful! So glad you are seeing Gods hand in all of this and trusting his ways…they are so much higher than ours…but hard to walk in as well! God is aware of your every moment and his every breath! Can’t imagine walking in it right now Terri. So grateful God is near! “You, the Lord my God, are with me, you are mighty to save. You will delight in me, you will quiet me with your love, you will rejoice over me with singing.” (Zephaniah 3:17 in first person)

  4. Laura Moore

    Thank you for this list. It is such a reminder of the importance of our lasting impression on those that we love. I am praying for Reece! Keep hanging in there and feel the love from your MOPS friends. 🙂

  5. Jean Moore

    What a wonderful list – I am printing it out and hanging it in a couple of places. I may add to it:). Thank you Terri for revealing what God is teaching you. We can’t know what you are truly going through but when I see the perspective you are gaining, it is a taste. Love to you all and continued prayers.

  6. Patti Johnson

    Thank you for putting life in clear perspective. What an amazing list!!
    In reading your blog you have taught me so much about faith, love, parenting and what life should be about. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is so beautiful to see how God has such a hold of what you are going through right now. We are continually praying for all of you through this journey in your life. Daniel asks about Reece quite often.

  7. Heather Lamb

    Thank you for posting this list. Far too often everyday life takes over the simple things that really matter. I am a stay-at-home mom & have caught myself taking for granted the time spent with the kids; always thinking..tomorrow. This list hits home to me and deep in my heart and reminds me how blessed I am. I pray for you and your family and wish His many blessing upon you..

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