Wagon Ride!

Reece, overall, had a good day yesterday. He even left the room and went on a wagon ride!  It took a lot of coaxing and the doctor actually had to order it for him.  He did one lap around the unit and then wanted to return to his bed.  He didn’t want to look out any window or talk with anyone.  He still isn’t feeling like himself, but it will come in time.

His oxygen needs went down throughout the day as well.  He is improving and that is what is needed.  He is working through some other side effects that may prove to be a somewhat predictable, but more serious reaction to his new blood.  I won’t go into detail about it until it is actually something the docs feel he is dealing with.  Your continued prayers for Reece to get off of the supplemental oxygen and for his body to continue to accept his new blood and not fight it off are appreciated.  Many thanks.

Reece's first wagon ride around the BMT unit



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2 responses to “Wagon Ride!

  1. Sharon (Ian's Mom)

    Terri, this picture is now in Mrs Griswold’s preschool class. Mrs Griswold has told the kids that whenever they think of Reece, they should say a prayer. Ian tells me several times a day that he’d like to say a prayer for Reece! Ian can’t wait to see Reece again, and asked me again today when Reece was coming home. Big Hugs from Ian!

    • I love that the kids are praying for Reece! Thanks for sharing that…I know when Reece gets home and starts to get more of his energy he will want to see Ian and his preschool pals. Thanks much for keeping Reece in your prayers and for caring about him. We are so grateful…


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