Reece had a pretty good day yesterday.  He was extubated around 1 pm and put on a high flow nasal cannula.  I wasn’t in the room for the extubation, but apparently as soon as the tube came out he said, “Juice!”  He was extremely thirsty, but still had to wait six hours before he could drink anything.  His requests were very cold water, apple juice, grape juice, orange juice, chocolate milk, and a cherry slush from the sedation unit.  I believe he actually had only water.  The doctors were pleased with his progress.

I received a call around midnight from Terry saying that Reece was having a coughing spell.  They took an x-ray and everything seemed stable.  Around 6 am, they placed Reece back on BiPAP in an effort to prevent further hemorrhaging from coughing or another intubation episode.  BiPAP is a breathing mechanism with a mask that forces air with pressure into the lungs with every breath.  He is doing well on the mask right now and his numbers look good.  He can not drink anything on BiPAP, so I am certain he will begin to feel his discomfort again.  This demonstrates how things can change with this situation.

Yesterday they were discussing Reece’s return to the BMT unit.  No plan has been discussed this morning, but we will know more after 9:30 am, when the doctors will be rounding.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Prayer requests:

  • Praise for extubation and a great day yesterday
  • Another good day today, progress in breathing
  • No further bleeding; protection of lungs
  •  Reece to come back off bi-pap
  • Comfort for Reece
  • Coughing to subside
  • Protection from infection and other side effects
  • Progress in all things BMT-related
  • Life
  • Reece to improve enough to go back to the BMT unit
  • Protection for our family from stress, exhaustion, depression

Many thanks.


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