Monday Morning

Just got back from morning rounds.  It seems that Reece’s breathing regressed overnight.  His breathing changed dramatically from the time I left yesterday to this morning after I arrived at the hospital.  It sounds like it is not anything overly surprising…his lungs are getting used to working on their own after being intubated for several days.  The plan for today is to let his lungs rest on BiPAP and try some 30-60 min breaks on high flow.  At this time, they do not feel that any bleeding has reoccured, since his stats look good.  Yesterday, they were talking about Reece going back to the BMT unit today, but I suspect we will be in the PICU for at least a few more days.  We want him stable and improving.  His body is so out of whack from the whole process and he is retaining fluid.  It all contributes to his lung functioning.  While he is on BiPAP he can not drink anything and he will only get mouth swabs while on high flow.  Please keep praying for him–whatever is on your hearts and minds.



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  1. Eileen

    Terri, just want you to know I’m still praying. I’m thanking God for how He is molding your family into new people thru this as well. Love you, Eileen

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