March 23, 2012

It’s been an interesting couple of days.  Reece’s personality has been coming back with some momentum.  He has begun actually speaking in his normal style, versus giving one word requests and answers.  He has wanted to play, he’s requested certain people, and he even willingly went on a wagon ride a couple of days ago. He has been eating some and drinking chocolate milk.  What a guy!   On the getting-Reece-back-to-his-normal-self front, things have greatly improved.

Reece has been working through some lower grade fevers.  Nothing has shot up too high and there have been many times where his temp has come back to normal on its own.  Yesterday, however, he did struggle with breathing again and they put him back on BiPAP during the day (the day prior he had been on high flow for 12 hours/BiPAP for 12 hours), to give his lungs a rest.  He made improvements throughout the day and apparently had good stats overnight.  I hope it was just some extra rest that he needed after two very active days.  His chest x-ray was reported as unchanged from the previous day, although I thought it looked a bit more murky.  His lungs have not cleared entirely, which means he is either still fighting an infection or there is still some (likely old) blood in there.  We’re praying for a good day for him today and improvements in breathing and fighting infections.

I am going back to Normal Land and taking Britta to her two-year check-up this morning.  She’s rocking and rolling, so I don’t have any concerns.  She’s changed so much since this all transpired.  Her vocabulary is amazing–she knows her colors, shapes, and has counted to 20 (with a little help)!  Here’s a photo of her from last weekend.

Britta and Daddy

Reece’s birthday is tomorrow.  I can’t believe he is turning 5!  I will say that during this hospital stay, he seems much older to me than what he actually is.  I’m not sure what that is all about other than a reflection of his patience and tolerance levels.  I would have never imagined he would still be in the hospital for his birthday and yet I am happy that he has made it this far and hopeful and anxiously awaiting his return home when we can throw him a bigger celebration and he is feeling more like himself.  Still, I ordered him a Lego cake and will be picking up some special things to celebrate the day.  He is excited for it, too, as he has big smiles when he talks about it.  What a special day it will be, no matter where we are celebrating.


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  1. Gloria Lamere

    Happy Birthday Reece – Hope you have a great day and know we are thinking of you and hope to celebrate with you very soon..xoxox

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