A Quick Update

It’s been a few days, so here’s a quick update.  The weekend overall went well for Reece.  He continues to recover from his latest oxygen bout, but overall, he is doing very well.  We are starting to feel trapped in the cycle of Reece gaining momentum, having a minor setback, new doctor rotates on, takes awhile to get up to speed, delay because of predictable and avoidable complications, another minor setback, and so on.  Hopefully, we will be out of here this week, but I’ll admit I am not planning on it.  You can tell Reece has maxed out on his being here and ability to be motivated to improve while here.  You can’t blame him–he is the veteran on the floor.  No one else has a transplant date even remotely close to his, although there are a few kids that have been discharged and have returned.  His recovery will likely increase dramatically once is at home and able to be in a different environment.  I’ll keep you posted.

Prayer Requests:

  • Complete wean off of oxygen
  • Continued progress in BMT and freedom from fevers/infections
  • Regulation of weight to avoid further lung setbacks
  • Discharge, remission, life

In baby news, it looks like we will be scheduling a c-section, as this baby does not want to go into the proper position.  It isn’t because she can’t move around.  She has done a complete 360 degree turn in the last week–but has stayed in a breech position.  She looks good when she is monitored, but I am meeting with a doctor this Friday to schedule the c-section, in case she doesn’t turn and go on her own.  The good part about that is I will know who will be delivering the baby (my doctor no longer works in labor and delivery) and I will be able to prep her for the cord blood collection.  The not-so-good news is that Reece has many physically demanding needs…both for him and for us.  Adding a c-section into the mix seems like one more added complication.

Prayer Requests:

  • Baby to turn to correct position
  •  Smooth labor, deliver, and recovery
  • Overall health for baby




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4 responses to “A Quick Update

  1. Kris Jank

    Thanks for continuing to write these updates. I am sure you are getting tired of doing this, just like everything else BMT. Know that many, many of us wait anxiously to hear updates on Reece and so very much appreciate your efforts to keep us apprised of his situation. We care so much about Reece.
    Kris Jank

    • The Seamans

      We couldn’t agree more. We think about you guys all the time. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Take care of yourself, too, Terri as you get closer to baby time!

  2. Pastor Brent Carlson

    Terry, Terri, Reece, Britta and baby,
    Just as the Apostle Paul wrote to one of the churches in the New Testament, “I thank God for every remembrance of you.” You all and your entire family are living examples of the grace of God as He is enabling you in this extraordinary experience to grow in the fruit of His Spirit. In spite of the sheer dreadfulness of your roller coaster days in the BMT, the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control of God’s Spirit are shining brightly through your lives in the testimony of your faith. Not only are you learning the great depths of our infinite God, you are living the unfathomable truths of God’s nature to His glory, and this gives us joy in our hearts and brings tears to our eyes sometimes in the same moment.
    In spite of the fear and the agony of these many days, you have stayed true to your faith in God and to your love for your family. God is blessing you for your trust in Him, and we thank you for allowing us to benefit from that blessing as you have opened up your hearts and minds in sharing your story with us.
    Your extended church family and friends of Christ Community Covenant Church continue to pray with you in these days. We thank God for what He is continually doing in your lives and we are looking forward to all that He has in store for you in the days to come. Also, just a word of encouragement, along with the many already praying, you are being prayed for by godly people in Texas, Mexico and parts of South America. God truly loves you and so do we.
    On behalf of your church family and friends in Owatonna, we pray for God’s continued blessing on you all and we live with great expectation to God’s wonderful and gracious will being accomplished in Reece and your family,
    Pastor Brent Carlson

    • Thank-you, Brent. Your note was powerfully encouraging to us today. We appreciate being loved as a part of the extended CCCC family and look forward to the day when we are physically able to be visiting again. Many thanks to all for all of the prayers, donations, and support!


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