Day Plus Eighty-Eight

It turns out the Reece’s weight–surprise!–went up over the last few days and he had some breathing issues yesterday.  So, the doctors pumped him up with diuretics and it is back down today.  His breathing is ok, but they need to take a few days to figure out what type of diuretic combination will help him keep his weight down.  I’m just going to say it–these damn steroids are driving me crazy!  Sorry, but it had to be said.  I feel strongly that once he gets home and starts moving around more, his body will become much more proficient at managing his weight.

Other than the weight/breathing issue, he is looking good.  He has done pretty well off the TPN, so hopefully that continues to go well.  He finally slept last night which means Terry got some good sleep–when Terry gets good sleep, everyone is happy.  🙂  We aren’t coming home this weekend, but hopefully early next week.

In baby news, I received a call from my OB yesterday who said she would be open to have a doc try an external version on the baby, just prior to a scheduled c-section, to see if the baby will turn to the right position.  If she does turn, they would induce me that day; if she does not turn, they would proceed with the c-section.  There are risks to both the version and the c-section, but I am happy that I have another option.  I met with a different OB (again, my OB no longer delivers babies) this morning to schedule both the version and the c-section.  It turns out that the day she would be able to do it falls on a Sunday and the OR will not schedule c-sections on a Sunday.  So, they are 99% certain that we will be scheduled to proceed on Mon, April 30, assuming I can get in on the schedule with one of the docs who will be in the OR that day.  I should know this coming Monday what the official day will be.

Prayer Requests:

  • Reece’s weight issues to resolve; doctors to find the right combination of diuretics to keep him stable
  • No further lung issues; resolution of breathing problems
  • Successful taper of steroids; no further flare-ups; protection from GVHD
  • Protection from infections and fevers
  • Continued progress in BMT
  • Discharge, remission, life
  • For Baby–healthy delivery, general health
  • For Family–peace and sanity among complete shake-up in life circumstances

Many thanks.


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One response to “Day Plus Eighty-Eight

  1. Maria K Hink

    Praying the Lord will arm you with strength & give you peace. Good to hear about the TPN, will be praying.
    Love to you.

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