Quick Update & Prayer Request

I will try to post tonight to fill in the blanks, but wanted to put Reece’s situation out there now in order for all you prayer warriors get down to business on this one.  Long story short, Reece has been retaining quite a bit of fluid over the last few days.  It was a concern yesterday during admission.  ATG does have a known side effect of fluid leakage, so we were concerned.  The ATG was run overnight and Reece did well with it.  This morning, however, he began to struggle with his breathing.  He is on 5 liters of oxygen right now and they are giving him some meds to pull the fluids off.  The PICU will be up shortly to get a baseline for him as a preventative measure should things get worse.  However, if they can pull the fluid off, he will hopefully respond well.  I arrived at the hospital around 11 am and the report I received is the x-ray showed some leakage, but not terribly so.  The nurse also commented that his lungs sound better now than they did a few hours ago.  Visibly, he is working hard to breathe…we’ve seen this before. 

Please pray for the fluid to come off, for Reece’s lungs to hold steady and improve, for the ATG to go smoothly over the next couple of days, and for Reece’s body to be rid of the GVHD in order to fully recover.

Reece is in good spirits and resting at the moment.  All is calm.   I’ll try to post later tonight.


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