A Quiet Night

It was a quiet night here last night.  Reece’s body indicates he is clearing the lactate…his number is dropping (again, a very good sign).  The attending PICU physician just stopped by to say she is glad Reece is trending in a positive direction.  This likely indicates that Reece has a bug he is dealing with, but likely his gut is not failing or dying.  The tentative plan today is to start dialysis to get some fluid off and clear his blood.  She feels that he will likely become more responsive as his body feels better and they are able to wean sedation to some extent.  Remember, he is not responsive right now, but it is because of sedation.  He is not in a coma.  Yesterday, he responded at times when Terry asked him to move a hand or foot.  He also moved his head from side to side.  After the events of the afternoon transpired, they sedated him more and gave him more pain meds.  They also turned the ventilator up so that he was breathing at a higher rate.  Before they turned the rate up, he was initiating most of his breaths on his own.  Essentially, they turned everything up to support him more, but his lack of responsiveness right now is due to meds and not because he isn’t still with us.  When I awoke this morning, I went over to him and was talking and touched his head several times.  When I did so, he initiated his breaths on his own–above the ventilator setting that was already quite high.  He is still in there and aware on some level. 

I’ll update later today.  We are so thankful to have Reece covered in your prayers–keep them coming!



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12 responses to “A Quiet Night

  1. Mona rod

    Good morning–very thankful for your quiet night, and continue to pray for you all today.

  2. Sarah Naranjo

    Will keep praying just as fervently. We love you dearly Reece! God has you in His hands and an army of people praying around the world.

  3. Heather Baden

    Trending in a positive direction is balm to your souls. Love those words! May God’s healing touch be evident in every detail today. Praying you all are feeling held in His sacred grip as this day unfolds. Love to you.

  4. Sam and Jean

    Praying for more progress today. Thanks for the updates.

  5. Kris Jank

    Thank you for keeping us updated–so, so many are carrying Reece and your family in our hearts and filling our minds with constant prayers. You are all in the palm of His hand. Sending love.

  6. Julie McKenney

    Ephesians 3:20-21 Now to HIM who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to HIS power that is at work in us, to HIM be glory in the church and in CHRIST JESUS throughout all generations, for ever and ever. Amen! My prayer for Reece today.

    • Melissa Aos

      I got the same verse last night in prayer for this family (who I don’t know, but saw the posting on Alyssa Theisen’s facebook page). Nice to see the Holy Spirit moving His saints to pray in the same direction! Continued prayers coming from Burnsville!!!

  7. Barbi Odom

    May our Great Healer and Comforter be ever present with you today!! I pray you are feeling Him in the most intimate way!! Know that I will continue to lift you all up! Can’t imagine the moments you are walking.

  8. Sarah score

    May the hands of God be with all of you and hold you in his love. We will keep praying for Reece and for you. With love

  9. Beth Elbert Giroir

    We are praying for Reece and all your family!

  10. D Gaborski

    Continued prayers for your little guy…..

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