Yesterday was a better day for Reece.  I posted that he had a quiet night and that continued throughout the day.  By late afternoon, dialysis began and Reece handled it very well.  Because his body has been through so much, they began taking small amounts of fluid off overnight, but are going to see how he tolerates things for a day before taking fluid off more aggressively.  We were told to not expect to see his weight dramatically change for about 36 hours.  It will likely take close to a week before Reece is down to a normal weight for his size.  Yesterday, he was at 25 kilos.  That means he is carrying approximately 15 extra pounds of water weight.  And because most of that weight is in his tissues, it will take longer to get it extracted out of him.  There is no way to know how long he will be on dialysis.  The hope is that as his blood is cleaned in this process, his body will return to a better weight, which will help breathing and overall body functioning, and that the infections will have an opportunity to be removed from his body.

No matter what, we have a long road ahead of us and there are layers of issues that need to be resolved.  That is hard to come to terms with.  We have been able to do a fair amount of processing as a family, which has been helpful.  Again, Reece’s body will tell us what it can handle.  We continue to hope for his full recovery and trust in God.



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5 responses to “Dialysis

  1. lhassler

    Lifting you all up day and night.

  2. Marva Hosfield

    Your family is always on my mind and in my prayers. I thank God for your faith. Little Reece you are precious to all of us……………

  3. I will continue to pray for Reece and your family daily .

  4. Sarah score

    Praying for strength for all of you

  5. Sarah Naranjo

    Praying for endurance especially during this leg of the journey. May God comfort all of you and pour down His holy strength, power and love on Reece. I am so thankful they were able to start the dialysis and pray that it will help relieve the water weight. May you and Terry get some much needed rest.

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