All Is Well

I am pleased to report that all is well.  We checked into the hospital at 7:30 am and things have gone smoothly all day.  Scarlett handled surgery well.  She came out of the OR ready to chew her hand off with hunger and, by the time we made it into recovery to see her, she was chugging a bottle of Pedialyte.  She has never had anything but breast milk, so she must have been desperate!  She is wearing gauze around her head that is wrapped like a turban, so we can not see the incision site or the stitches.  I asked the doctor how many stitches she received and he laughed and said, “I didn’t count!”  So, it is many.  The surgeon reported that the bump was easy to remove.  It was surrounded by bone other than the very top where the bone had eroded.  He removed the bump, which seemed soft like tissue, and a small amount of bone around it.  Hopefully, the test results will be back this week.  He did not think the bump looked cancerous.

Scarlett has been dealing with pain all day and has been fussy.  We are spending the night on the general pediatrics floor, but expect to be home tomorrow.  I actually wish we were in the PICU since we know the staff–but for no other reason than that.  One of our favorite doctors from the PICU came to the OR this morning to greet us and said they would have liked to have us down there just because of the relationship we have with them.  Thankfully, Scarlett has no medical necessity to be there, so we are now on an entirely different floor and having a blessed and mostly uneventful evening.

I just wanted to update you all that things are going well for Scarlett and tell you that we appreciate all of your prayers and support.



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4 responses to “All Is Well

  1. Melissa Aos

    That is wonderful news. Thanks for letting all of us know!

  2. laura moore

    Relieved for you!

  3. Jenna Pomeroy

    Awesome, Praise God!!!!!

  4. Mary Jo Kannenberg (know your dad, Terri)

    What a remarkable family! God certainly knew where to entrust Reece. May your strength, faith, family, and friends see you through this hurdle with Scarlett. You are truly inspirational.

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