I LOVE Good News!

As you have probably already guessed, we received word back today that Scarlett’s bump is benign.  Woohoo!!!  It is a routine dermoid cyst that was growing inside the bone.  I am told it is a “classic” dermoid with nothing to be concerned about other than doing two follow-up MRIs (three months and 15 months post-op) to ensure they removed all of it.  If, by chance, they did not get it all, it could continue to grow.  However, dermoid cysts are singular events, meaning they neither grow back (unless part of it was accidentally left behind), nor occur elsewhere in the body.  It would have had to have been removed at some point, as it would have continued to grow and create spatial issues for Scarlett.  The doctor was pleased that we removed it when we did.  Scarlett has recovered well and is basically back to her happy, laid-back self.  We are glad to be receiving good news and now are shifting our focus back to our life with our girls, managing our grief, and figuring out where to direct our parental energies dedicated to Reece (more on this last part later).

I know I have been hopping back and forth on what to do with this blog.  For now, I will continue to post here, versus starting a new blog.  Long story short, Terry and I agree that this one feels like home.



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10 responses to “I LOVE Good News!

  1. Tammy

    Such wonderful news! Thank you for sharing and making my day!

  2. Mona Rod

    Praise God! You were due a break!

  3. Melissa Aos

    Fantastic news!

  4. Sarah Naranjo

    Oh Terri – so overjoyed to hear this news! Brings tears of joy to my eyes! Much love,

  5. Mandy Spinler

    Rejoicing with you all!

  6. Marva Hosfield

    This makes my day…..Thanks so much for sharing and giving us the opportunity to pray for Scarlett and your family. I am so glad you are going to continue to blog.

  7. lhassler

    A few days late…but you have to know how happy this makes me. We are relieved beyond belief, for you. Praise the Lord!

  8. Danise McMillen


  9. Dave

    So glad for the great news!!!

  10. MAry Beth

    getting caught up after getting back from vacation, this post brings joyous tears to my eyes!!!!

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