We are a family living in Minneapolis, MN.  As a couple, we share many things in life, including our first name.  He is Terry; she is Terri.  (No, we didn’t plan that.)  We are blessed to have two beautiful children.  Reece is four years old; he is energetic, smiley, compassionate, intelligent, and loving.  Britta is nearly two years old; she is happy, nurturing, observant, sassy, smart, and lovely.  We have a third baby on the way, as well–we are due May 2012!

In early November 2011, Reece was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disorder that requires a bone marrow transplant this winter.  To learn more about Reece’s health, click here.  The purposes of this blog are 1) to be an outlet for us to journal about our experiences as a family and 2) to keep anyone who is interested in Reece’s journey up-to-date.

Reader, please understand that this blog is like walking into our home.  You are welcome to be here and part of our reason for writing this is to allow others to share in our journey.  In the same vein, please use discretion in commenting and sharing information.  This is not an open forum for opinion.  We welcome comments and support, but reserve the right to take down any comments, for any reason, at any time.

Thank-you for reading and supporting us!

Love, Terry & Terri


3 responses to “About

  1. Tammy Hakanson

    TnT, We love you and would welcome the opportunity to walk beside you in this journey. Call and it will be done, don’t call and I will come find you! 🙂
    I love your words, your ability to share how God is at work in the hard moments and generally everything about your growing family. Prayers for you all along the journey.

  2. Mandy Spinler

    Shannon Kerr called me for prayer last Thursday night (6/21). Our family has not stopped praying since that evening. Our hearts go out to you. We can only imagine what you are all going through…we have five children ourselves. Every day since Thursday, my children ask me how Reece is doing and we keep praying together for his health and for the Lord to intervene. May the Lord encourage you, give you strength and peace.
    In love,
    Ben and Mandy (Wanous) Spinler
    Maya, Brandyn, Joshua, Bettina and Sahara

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